Is Your Body Too Acidic?

In the work of Wong, Hanson, Waring, & Shaw (2000), acid reflux was often found to occur with belching or when lying down after meals. Being a green, it's swinging some serious alkaline might, and in addition to that it made our list of top cancer fighting foods , which is no coincidence since the two go hand in hand. Although many of us face multiple acidic exposures daily, dental professionals find their patients don't often understand the risks. The normal metabolism of foods create waste within the cells and tissues of the body. Foods that take a long time to chew or that you hold in your mouth (such as cough drops) can damage teeth as they retain sugar in the mouth longer than do other foods.

When acid-yielding foods lower the body's pH, for example, the kidneys coordinate efforts to buffer that acidity. The children were classified into 4 groups according to social class and toothbrushing habits. Body chemistry works best in an alkaline pH; Body pH is determined by lifestyle and food habits. After a remotely large acidic snack your tooth enamel is at its weakest, and brushing too soon can actually damage your teeth.

Select deficiencies of nutrients (notably calcium, folate, and vitamin C) can compromise the associated inflammatory response and wound healing, which alters nutrient needs ( 19 - 21 ). A balanced diet is important in diminishing the severity of periodontal disease, although of limited value when combined with good oral hygiene ( 22 ). No substantive data support a relation between intake of dietary sugars and risk of or progression of periodontal disease.

Here's one of the few wheat-based items on our alkaline foods list, and it actually does contain gluten in it. The reason it makes it onto the page is that it is digested differently than other wheats, and does not produce the same acidifying results. Manaf ZA, Lee MT, Ali NHM, Samynathan S, Jie YP, Ismail NH et al. Relationship between food habits and tooth erosion occurrence in Malaysian university students.

This acidic blood condition also reduces your body's ability to repair damaged cells, to detoxify heavy metals, and even encourages growth of tumor cells. Kashket et al ( 77 ) found particles of food with high contents of starch, such as creme sandwich cookies and potato chips, to be retained on teeth in larger amounts than foods that contained little starch, such as milk chocolate, caramels, and jelly beans.

Since gout is caused by an excessive amount of uric acid in the system, the thought is that by eating more alkaline foods you'll be helping to diminish those levels and be free from gout attacks. Fruit juices derived from fresh fruits and vegetables contains natural sugar compounds or fructose that does not form acidic compounds in the body. If the acid levels are not brought under control with the dietary habits simple alteration of dietary measures, your physician may recommend antacids. Mangoes, melons, papaya are vitamin-rich foods that largely help in colon cleansing.

Try an elimination diet for a few weeks to root out the trigger foods that upset your system. Acidic foods range from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, berries - such as blueberries - and other types of fruit, to tomatoes, chocolate and salad dressings. Crunchy and hard foods: chips and similar food can result in damage to your teeth when you crunch down on them too hard.

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