New Korg Minilogue Synth Details Leaked

Even though Sweetwater continues to receive ongoing initial shipments of the new Korg minilogue, demand for this incredibly popular and cool new analog synth is still far outpacing supply. The Minilogue employs all-analogue circuitry so that you get the pure and powerful sound that only analogue is capable of. Added to this is the capability to produce up to 4 voices of polyphony using a 2VCO, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO structure. But it also has the audio input for running signal into the Minilogue to be effected by the Filter and delay sections.

Connection-wise, the Minilogue runs off a wall-wart (expected at the price point) plus there's a full-size mono-jack output (use the headphone out to run split-mono/pseudo-stereo) a mono audio input which runs through the filters, envelopes and delay too (fantastic news!) plus USB (MIDI only), full-size DIN Midi In and Out and Sync In/Out minijacks for interfacing with other Korg Sync-equipped gear (along with other third-party equipment that can read or send 5V pulse signals).

The top panel of the Korg Minilogue presents you with 41 real-time dedicated controllers for getting your hands dirty. It's a simple but classic voice architecture, although Korg have enhanced it with some interesting twists that we'll address in due course. Minilogue gives you ring modulation, synch, cross modulation and a gang of other cool features at a crazy good price point. The sound of the Minilogue is best described as classically-inspired without necessarily being distinctive.

Despite its small size, the Korg Minilogue is one of the most expansive and capable synthesizers in the Korg synthesizer line. In fact, the Minilogue feels more 'premium' than many of the more expensive synths we've tested recently! KORG MS-20 Mini - is it monophonic synthesizer Korg, originating in 1978 and is still a welcome tool to this day, thanks to its saturated, high-quality sound, its powerful analog filter and universal connectivity.

But rather than rely on previous designs, Korg created much of the circuitry in the minilogue from scratch, with both desktop and stage use in mind. With its powerful yet simple signal flow and extensive feature set, minilogue is designed to inspire and captivate musicians and analog enthusiasts on all levels. The 37-key Minilogue is clad with an aluminium front panel, which combines with the smooth black plastic knobs and metal toggle switches to give a slightly 80s-home-stereo-system feel to the whole thing. In my opinion, the hype around the Minilogue is a result of the pricepoint... it studio equipment really does not offer anything extremely unique when you look carefuly at the specs.

Cross modulation, oscillator sync, ring modulator, and more are offered, and it's possible to play the Minilogue as a four-voice or two-voice polyphonic synth, all-unison mono synth, as a mono synth with a sub-oscillator, or with an arpeggiator, among other modes. We'll have the full details and official info as soon as Korg tell us (officially of course)!

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