Poppy Seed

I remember as a child visiting old country gardens of family and friends and seeing poppies growing haphazardly among the other flowers and landscape plants. He refused to say anything more about the seizure mentioned in his letter to the seed companies, on the ground that it was still an active case.” When I wondered on what authority the DEA could stop seed companies from selling legal seeds, he cut me off: If they sell for cultivation purposes, that is illegal.” It was hard to see what other reason a seed company would have for selling seeds.

Seeds of Papaver somniferum tend to follow the shade of the flower - white seeds come from pale coloured flowers, dark seeds from dark coloured flowers. But it seems more likely that it is the result of a little of that and then a whole lot of co-evolution: one theory holds that Papaver somniferum is a flower whose evolution has been directly influenced by the pleasure, and relief from pain, it happened to give a certain primate with a gift for horticulture and experiment.

I would just put the seeds in an empty juice bottle, fill with water, and just drink the seeds whole. Gentle frying releases special aromatic essential oils in the seeds and enhance crunchiness. My sister-in-law had a dried floral arrangement with some striking large pods in it. I figured it was some type of dried poppy pod, and I made a small hole and extracted some seeds to see if they'd grow. I collected about a pound of Danish Flag Poppy seeds a couple of years ago (which is a P. somniferum variety) and they looked good for baking, they were fat and bluish black.

In Central Europe, especially in Austria and Hungary, the seeds are used in s a popular sweet pastry dish like Strudel and Germknodel. For the gardener, it is convenient that poppies reseed themselves when encouraged, so you can have a permanent population of hardy annual corn poppies (Papaver rhoeas) or bread seed poppies (P. somniferum) by learning to recognize the seedlings, and simply allowing them to grow.

If you are transplanting from seeds started in pots to the ground, the root ball cannot fall apart at all, and the roots cannot be damaged at all. For apothecary purposes poppy capsules were gathered in the distant past, and the pharmacopeia dictated they should be gathered with 4 inches/10 cm of stem below the knots and freed of seeds to yield the drogery” called Fructus Papaveris Sine Semine (Poppy Capsules without Seeds). What I do is tag individual specimens to collect seeds from for my various individual listings.

Papaver somniferum can be treated as a hardy annual and are best sown broadcast, unless you are producing seeds or seed pods for the dried flower market. The same showy pods that are used in dried arrangements are also the source of the poppy seeds used to garnish breads and rolls. The seeds germinate in the dark, so use newspaper or lightweight best papaver somniferum seeds cardboard to cover the pots until the first green shoots appear, it can then be removed once they have germinated. Papaver somniferum are the most impressive annual poppies to grow - follow directions, for one cannot be careless in sowing and cultivating these beauties.

It was working within the industry (in some cases by intimidating companies engaged in legitimate trade) to stanch supplies of both seeds and dried flowers without making any noise in public, much less publicizing exactly what people might be doing with poppies. According to Hogshire's book, it is possible to grow opium from legally available seeds (he provided detailed horticultural instructions) or, to make matters even easier, to obtain it from poppy seedpods, which happen to be one of the more popular types of dried flowers sold in florist and crafts shops.

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