Have been practicing for my high schools cheer squad and I can't do a backhandspring and I don't have a spotter and I can't take any classes. Doing a headstand and keeping her arms in the correct position for 10 to 20 seconds can be a great drill for a back handspring. Perhaps you should tell her to keep her eyes on her hands whenever she throws them upward at the beginning of a handspring until she's back on her feet. As long as she follows the movements of her hands, she would be able to correct any errors that she might make while doing her handspring and take the proper measures to fix her form. She may also be afraid of being embarrassed in front of her friends if she fails to do a back handspring.

Oddly enough, at her first comp of the season this past weekend, she threw her standing handspring and walkover handspring, but then the next day was afraid to try it again. One of the most annoying things about a mental block is that the cause is usually hard to pinpoint - it could because of bailing on a skill, getting hurt, social pressure, competition pressure, or some other stressful experience.

Arm swing drills While still working with a spotter as a beginner tumbler, do not swing your arms during your back handspring until you have mastered keeping them locked out and glued to your ears as you go over. As a consequence your body is forced to attempt to generate momentum by whipping the chest forward and then backward into the handspring. This is the most challenging step to master, so if you're scared to jump backward, start by practicing the move and fall on your back onto a soft mat or couch until you're comfortable.

I started training gymnastics at now 43 and tonight I performed my first roundoff double handspring tuck on a spring two most important things for me are.a coach who understands the fear is the biggest obstacle for what if I land on my head?my job,my family,my future.a coach who can get you past all this how to do a back handspring and teach you to clear your mind is necessary.number two is flexibility.stretch more than you ever have.every day no excuses.

If your arms are collapsing and you crash on your How To Do A Back Handspring Without Being Scared head in your back handspring, build up your strength with the above drills, and double-check to make certain your arm alignment entering the handstand phase of the handspring is correct. If you are leaning forward or your arms are all over the place, you won't have much success connecting another back handspring to your first one.

The single most important way to get over the fear of doing a back handspring is to learn proper form. Many flips rooted in gymnastics have form variations, but the back handspring has remained consistent. The buoyancy of a trampoline track allows you to simulate the form of a back handspring without having to apply nearly as much effort. Now, try to do the back handspring leaning from your less dominant side, all the while aiming to move closer to the center.

Between the changes in my workouts, rest, eating, and strength/stretching, I am getting stronger, have more energy (when I'm not maxing out my efforts on the porch bike rides), and I'm back down to 151.6 pounds, and working on dropping the next 6-10 pounds of fat in the next two months. Tammy is another creative coach, and I really enjoyed her demonstration of vaulting across her Air TRAK, to get her kids comfortable with stretching into their handspring vaults.

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