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With its final story add-on coming in just one week, The Evil Within‘s brutal and horrifying story is coming to a close (for now), and in a new trailer released this week, seems to be bringing its particular brand of terror into some new territory and a whole new perspective. In the oh-so-exciting new trailer for final chapter of The Hunger Games, we see Jennifer serve major sass and full-on superhero as our fave heroine of all time, Katniss. The new trailer for the book adaptation shows us all the reasons why Mr. Grey had every woman who read his story going nuts. But the biggest selling point of seeing the final two episodes of Season 4 in IMAX wasn't just viewing how fantastic the Battle of the Wall looks blown up so large and how hard it is to watch Tyrion kill Shae when his facial expressions are so clear.

For example, the Forward Operating Base (FOB) elements - where online rivals can infiltrate your remote base - doesn't unlock until way, way into the game. You're usually given a veiled dry-run with every new piece of equipment - for example, against a lone guard - and the game 'locks' unnecessary menu options when introducing a new Mother Base or iDroid function to make learning easier. MGS5's wealth of options empower you to write new stories with every replay - the game will yield astonishing acts of skill and creativity for months, if not years, to come. I have those stories too: slow-motion diving from a bear before frantically tranquilizing it with my final dart.

In fact, there's not much you can safely infer from it, besides maybe that Scorpion and Sub-Zero are going to be in it. Now, if the trailer gave us glimpses of actual in-game fighting, we'd have something substantial to get excited about. While beautiful and captivating, it portrayed events and sequences that existed well outside of the final experience. They exist only to convey a message, emotion, or mood - how the publisher wants you to feel about a game.

Last new game month at Gamescom, Square Enix released a trailer titled Dawn" that was set 15 years before the game proper. The trailer showed a young Noctis being held by his father King Regis as the camera slowly panned out to reveal three massive figures looming ominously in the distance. The new trailer is titled Dawn 2.0″ and like the previous trailer, it also focuses on events 15 years before the game. This trailer shows Lunafreya as she appears in the game, surrounded by guards with guns, thinking back to a similar attack when she was a young girl. In addition to this, Konami also released New Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja) DLC Trailer.

An extended gameplay trailer for NightCry (formerly known as Project Scissors), a new game from Nude Maker and Hifumi Kono (Creator of the Clock Tower franchise), released a few days ago. This trailer sheds some light on some previously unclear gameplay mechanics, such as the use of in-game social media when being hunted down by an evil spirit using a giant pair of shears, while also giving an idea on the various ways poor Monica will meet her end once the game comes to PC. The trailer also demonstrates a breath meter, shown by all trailer's a blue light closing in on the player, that directly ties in to how long you can run at full speed.

Instead it was the fact that the two-minute-long Game of Thrones" Season 5 trailer premiered after the Season 4 finale credits rolled, offering up a first look at the new season — which is now available above via the Game of Thrones" Facebook page. Assuming he is cut from Game of Thrones" might be an overreaction, but it also wouldn't be too surprising all things considered.

The tenth official installment of the Metal Gear series (and the fifth chronological game in the Metal Gear Solid series), The Phantom Pain ties up the events between Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and the original Metal Gear It is the last game in the franchise to be developed by series creator Hideo Kojima , and is the final game from Kojima Productions before its collapse.

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