10 Excellent Examples Of Parkour In Film & Television

Parkour is based on general principles of survival: Should one ever need to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible, the shortest distance is always a straight line. If you want to truly be prepared when called upon instead of cower in a frozen Parkour inability to act, to be ready to help someone in need rather than just offer an entertaining backflip, to live an empowered life where benefits cannot be counted, it will be important to spend at least a little time studying the intersection of Parkour and time sensitive, real-life challenges.

The film itself is a big showcase of Le Parkour — it starts straight out with the titular troupe climbing the Aubervilliers town hall with absolutely nothing but their Parkour feet and hands. The French movie Banlieue 13 (dubbed as District B-13) makes liberal use of Le Parkour. Walker doesn't do any Parkour in the film, there's a clear division of labor with Belle in the running role and Walker in the shooting and driving one. Bruce Banner shows off a little Parkour while running from General Ross in the The Incredible Hulk movie.

Has also appeared in the opening of an episode of Rush and several recent episodes of The Bill Needless to say, they were being chased by the police at the time. One of the cops pursuing him discovers Parkour isn't as easy as the suspect on the run makes it look. Gotham has Selina Kyle using this to not only get around Gotham City but to skirt the police when needed.

One of the trademark talents of the hero of Aeon Flux , although her movements are more step-by-step than the free-flowing use of momentum that Parkour encourages. The link is to the apex movement site offering to teach parkour to military and police forces. Ain't no way I'm free running with ~50% of my body weight hanging off me, plus my weapon, plus my medical bag. Police usually (at least in my experience) wear vests, which are remarkably heavy.

The very idea of a liability issue strikes so much fear into the hearts of security guards, police officers, and park officials everywhere that you have to immediately stop what you're doing and go home. Now I don't know who made it okay to scream random things in public but if you do parkour you have to come to terms with the fact that strangers screaming at you will be a part of your everyday life. Fuck i hate other people look at parkour many see it ass a joke and not a real sport.

But my team and I are all traceurs and we rarely get tagged because of our parkour training. Parkour makes it so much easier to get to cover quickly and cover distance with speed and safety. Yeah I know plastic bb's are hardly the same as bullets but we've actually had Vets praise us for our parkour and many have said that it would be handy to know in live fire situations.

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