The History Of Black Country

The official archive page for Bill Randle's radio show with Bridge 102.5 FM , West Midlands, UK. (Live! With a collage of elements that mirrors the year's general dance pop music trend while incorporating distinctly Latin sounds and Spanish lyrics, it's music that's courting the mainstream while still resonating with young Latinos.

As an artist she has continuously fought for political soviernty and the territorial integrity of the Congo (Kinshasa). In the year 2000 she is appointed a Congolese national and takes a temporary break from her music. However not understanding where the music they're listening to originally derived from.

Well, My point is that All music is now Jazz, and some of us, in the other places around the world, understand this. Mtume was also talking about "technical exhaustion." He said that after a given time, in a R&B Music given context, everything has been played that can be played in a given form of music. Soul, Funk, Hard Classical Rock, Gospel, and all types of women and men's Blues, and Pop music(Whatever that means).

Bakari Kitwane adds his analysis,which is part of the discussion that takes place between Jazz enthusiasts and rap musicians, who, in essence, are simply saying the same thing about these different types of music, and this is a dialogue, as I have appointed out above, which has been going on form the beginning of Jazz music in the south.

Its about rap, jazz, soul, R&B, rock and toll; Its about Signifying; the dozens; Black Culture; music; definition; blacks; race; gender; Black art; sexuality; community; consciousness; creativity; youth; adults; elders; ancestors; words; politics; economics; Media History; spirituality; healing; liberation; life and Rap, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Gospel and so on." Jazz, as a music form and genre, emanates and is expressed form all these shared experiences.

I think they're trying to downplay Zeppelin's impact on rock music because they originally gave them bad reviews and generally ignored them until they became too big to ignore. The difference between Rolling Stone magazine and MTV is that MTV ruined rock music and Rolling Stone magazine has reintroduced a lot of great music to the world.

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