(SHOCKING) Truth About JT Foxx

For those of us in Denver, it is always a treat to have an excuse to go to Florida for a few days in January. He is a world renowned business coach who has achieved tremendous success in recent years and he also works with the likes of JT Foxx and Mega Partnering. Damien Elston has completed multimillion dollar sales in his career and he has gone from a normal salesperson to a CEO and a successful investor. If you would like to expand your business and be a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, hard work and dedication is only two of the elements you need. You also need the right mind set and guidance from a professional business coach like Damien Elston.

He is the president and CEO of Mark David, the High Point, North Carolina-based furniture company, understands the hospitality industry from both sides: as an international traveler whose brief takes him from Beverly Hills to Beijing and as the supplier of high-end furniture with high-end finishes to some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world.

Foxx claims to have ties with the who's-who of the celebrity world from real estate moguls to talk show hosts, musicians to university presidents. Foxx has also announced plans for his next signature event, Mega Partnering VI, to take place in Los Angeles in November, where he will be hosting a "women's only dinner". Since working with Nido, JT has been able to grow his empire to multiples businesses now spanning multiple continents. Not only is he a super sales trainer, but he is a CEO driven by growth and the bottom line. JT Foxx needed somebody to take all of his visions and ideas and implement them; Francie was the one to make this happen.

The amended lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, charges Foxx and his two upper management Damien Elston leaders, Damien Elston and Joe Gnapp, with 12 counts of sexual harassment, racial and religious harassment, violation of overtime laws, and infliction of emotional distress.

Not willing to take rejection, JT Foxx decided to start his own opportunities for small businesses and called it Mega Partnering". J.T. Foxx ( ) started investing with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and 1 cheap suit. J.T. is the syndicated weekend radio personality of the J.T. Foxx Show" in the U.S. and Canada. For over 13 years, Damien has dedicated his life to modeling the most successful people in the world. Damien is regarded as one of the Top Business Coaches, Sales Strategist, and a Serial CEO. I'll see you and JT at Mega Partnering 9," was what I said a month ago.

Clearly we are dealing with a BIG hater, probably a South African and a former top student who has turned into a hater because he betrayed JT. According to one of JT's people he will be outing him publicly, so stay tune.

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