Prostate Milking Is So Much Fun

As a Registered Nurse, I am always reminded that National Nurse's Week is around the first week of May. Thomas Stern, Senior VP of Client Services at ZOG Digital , encourages his medical practice clients Medical Marketing 2015 to utilize local SEO by submitting complete and accurate information to directory listings and creating web pages dedicated to each target location.

They also usually have spent some time employed in the pharmaceutical industry or in a medical communications agency and have a good understanding and experience of creating pharmaceutical marketing content over a range of therapy areas.

Congress has helped deliver a handful more staffers to help tackle the growing flood of ads, but the agency still has just 57 officials charged with reviewing roughly 75,000 marketing items a year, Abrams noted.

Increasingly medical professionals are establishing web and social media presences that are search engine optimized (SEO) in order that search engines such as Google and Bing can not only find those websites, but direct search traffic to them.

In the healthcare domain, this translates Medical Marketing to the fact that advertising a particular product also complies with the 'patient first' philosophy. Such actions may lead to a dangerous or even life threatening situation for the patient if improper medical product is made use of or consumed. Online marketing is broad form of marketing that may or may not incorporate a wide range of services or techniques. It's helpful to think of online marketing as a holistic form of marketing that strengthens your medical practice's online presence and ultimately attracts new patients.

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