How Can You Get College football?

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Episode 7 of our comedy webisode has a ton of amusing packed like a fat female in holiday stockings. Check out our interview with Austin comedian, Lashonda Lester. Jack Williams interviews the Elf on the Shelf, and Stephen McIlhon interviews a spoorts real estate agent. Special appearance by the fat guy himself, Santa Claus!

Christmas is upon us and Santa gets ready to help make his annual trip to deliver Xmas cheer to Elf on the Shelf all or any the good children. And coal for those on the naughty checklist. What many people have no idea is that Santa also watches over NFL players. You know this has surely got to be considered a monumental task keeping track of THAT list--and nearly impossible to accomplish it by himself. That’s why the commissioner teamed with the jolly excess fat man and began a task force known as S.N.O.W. Santa’s Naughty Observation View. His little team of behaviour analysts faithfully view the behind-the-scenes of the man-child pro ball players. Check out our latest webisode to listen to an Elf discuss their part as a S.N.O.W. spokesperson.

It's the holiday season and you know very well what that football coaches are increasingly being fired faster than a stoner at a fast food restaurant. Already we've seen a number of whackings--Nebraska fired Bo Pelini, Michigan axed Brady Florida and Hoke gave Wil Muschamp his pigskin pinkslip.

These poor coaches at these big name schools never get a fair shake. Sure they get a large multimillion dollar contract, frequent flier kilometers and a rotating doorway of prostitutes willing to wet their...beaks. But all good things must arrived at an final end. Regarding college football coaches, the end comes before the mailman even learns their name usually.

Everyone is searching for another big thing always. In today’s college soccer world, unless you bust out in 12 months one, you may as well pack your bags and pull out the duct tape. Just what exactly can these instructors do to safeguard themselves from their unavoidable demise? They hire a realtor!

Browse the latest episode of The Local Fix to discover the secret to this successful sports real estate agent and how a magical Elf watches over star NFL players.

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