The Techno music Trap

Listen to this latest Techno mix from Scottish Dj Greg Sawers. Highlighting some of the latest minimal, tech house and industrial techno, Sawers also fuses dub and electronica into the mix. With nods to artists like Hollen, Richie Hawtin and Barem it's clear Sawers is infleunced by the MNus label yet also displays his influences from other industrial artists like Marcel Dettman, Chris Liebing and Adam Beyer.

Albeit active in different EDM genres, techno is Sawers' long standing love affair after going to techno nights put on at the famous Arches night club in Glasgow. Techno more than many EDM genres has an innate ability to lock people into the rythmic and tribal sounds so synonomous with the genre. It's this hypnotic quality that allows for maximum experimentation and expression, particularly with many different effects.

Since its early days in Detroit the genre has morphed through various sub-genres to now provide a kaleidoscope of sounds for djs, producers and listeners alike. It also remains probably the single most popular genre due to its appeal worldwide. Something about the genre allows revellers to simply be themselves on a dancefloor, free from the pretence of the glitz and glamour that can sometimes surround other genres of dance music.

The genre is now achieving good success in placed like North Techno music America where previously EDM held less mass appeal. It seems certain to grow even more in appeal over the next few years due to an army of techno enthusiasts that continue to produce, dj or simply enjoy and share the music with friends.

Where techno will be in ten years time is hard to say but it's very likely same staple beats, rhythms and melodies will be familiar albeit within a new interpretation. For now techno continues to satisfy its legions with the mesmerizing and industrial sounds it is founded on.

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