Get Ready to Experience Dish

Are you sick of paying a lot of money for cable? Are you bored of DirectTV? Are you ready to experience the DISH difference?

DISH is pleased to offer outstanding customer service, both before and after the sale, as well as some of today's top award-winning SD and HD receivers.Crisp clear broadcasting, Direct to you.Never miss your favorite show again with our recording features.Simultaneously record the hottest primetime programs and watch them later, on your own time, at your own pace.Take advantage of instant entertainment with our DirectTV receivers.

Dish is changing the way you use the internet

Ready for internet compatitibility?Bundle your inernet and tv service for great deals.Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of DishTV.Learn to control your entertainment with your smartphone.If you can access the internet, you can access DVR to control recording times. If you're taking advantage of our Sling-Loaded receivers, you'll be able to watch your favorite shows on your mobile device, laptop, or computer anytime, day or night; a valuable feature for people who travel. You can also control social media networks, read status updates, and make new comments using your integrated services.

Google TV is now apart of your DishTV options enabling streaming media from your favorite YouTube channel. There are no restrictions on bandwidth here!

How can we help you? Perfect timing to make the switch to Dish!

The Hardware

Today's latest DISH receivers are far more advanced than ever before. We are pleased to offer to you a wide range of products and features to suit your needs and budget. These include:

HD Receivers

DVR Receivers

Standard Receivers

and more!

All receivers come with these standard features:

One-Touch Channel Return

Alternative Language / Audio Support

Caller ID

Favorites List

Theme Lists


Program Information

Advanced Electronic Program Guide

On-Screen Purchase Summary

Impulse Pay-Per-View

Parental Controls

Event Timer

Enhanced Customer Service

Interactive TV

Automatic Software Upgrades

The best quality HD Programming

If you've invested in a new HDTV, you want the best channels and service that money can buy.DISH is such a great service that you can find all types of movies, music, pay-per-view, and science channels! Did you know that DISH cuomsters actually enjoy the 200+ HD channels they they offer? Wow...that's a ton of entertainment right at your fingertips! All your favorite shows are right on DISH.

And the good news is that DISH is contactly adding more and more channels to their already impressive lineup.Dish is unique from other offers like DirecTV because they offer HD channels like the FOX Soccer Channel or Hallmark channel are only found on DISH. Dish has HD versions of some of your favorite channels like truTV, Showtime West, and BBC America.Just be sure you select all your faves when you sign up!

The DISH DVR - Get it Your Way

Isn't it frustrating when you have to bow down to time and watch shows that come on at a particular schedule?

Now, with the DISH DVR, you can set your own schedule and watch what you want, when you want.Anything that you would watch on TV can be recorded and viewed at a later time. Ditch the schedule. Let DISH DVR help you record your favorite shows, day or night, with a click of your remote. Also, the DVR has a cool feature that allows you to record particular shows (like new TV eposodes or news broadcasts) that you can pull up later and watch.

By now, you're starting to see why DISH is the top leader in providing today's entertainment. With a wide variety of options and features, you're sure to find the perfect DVR for your needs. From HD DVRs to standard definition DVRS, and our latest sling-loaded HD DVRs, you're sure to find just what your looking for with DISH. Honestly...after you've used the DISH DVR a'll wonder how you ever watched TV without it.

Why Wait? Get Dish Now

Really, really? Are you still reading this? Go ahead and throw out your boring and old outdated cable servie and call DISH now.You'll be glad that you did!

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