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Pinpointing exactly how and why Twitter drives viral traffic to your website or blog is quite impossible. I think it comes down to Twitter being a form of word of mouth viral advertising that generates the traffic. Rather than use the bulk of time discussing this I wanted to offer various suggestions when using Twitter to advertise your business.

Just think about that for a moment. A new form of punctuation has joined our language, the use of which can enhance or transform the meaning of a sentence. That's pretty mind-blowing. There are some terms that are really import for small business people to know,” says Jay York, a social media strategist at EMSI Public Relations. “Actually making active use of these terms will allow them to increase their business.” Most of the 1,922 people surveyed nationwide from April 9-12 said they supported laws that allow Americans to use deadly force to protect themselves from danger in their own home, or in a public place. If you want to find more tips about making money on Twitter please visit my blog Make Money on Twitter About the Author Don't forget about YouTube

My recommendation is to put up TWO completely different Name Squeeze Pages and see which one converts the BEST, then use that one for all other promotions. Keep it Managed – With all of the entries you're sure to get, it can seem daunting to monitor and track them all. Make sure to use your social media management tools (like Rignite) to keep it all under control. As Russian President Vladimir Putin's forces tightened their grip on the Crimea peninsula in the Ukraine, concern heightened that the crisis could worsen and Russia could slash its shipments of natural gas to Europe and Ukraine by pipeline. Simple, beautiful Twitter analytics for PR and marketing pros. Learn More Used in tweets discussing rising gas prices and gas as an energy source.

A tool for Pinterest – cool tool for catching up with trends, seeing the popularity by quantity and finding relevant images to comment on and start a conversation. Perhaps, unlike Tweets, a comment on FB stays well under the same post. From the onset, each tweet creates a life all their own - distinct from each other - and new topics seem to flow quite naturally (though in fairness Twitter got a headstart too). You don't often see people "Live Facebooking" during an event. This would be a little awkward since posts do not always show up immediately in peoples' News Feeds the way they do on a Twitter stream. Tilen Hrovatic is a part-time blogger who writes an interesting blog Blog of Zoso , a blog about blogging tips and making money online.

Yes the last point was about being original, but also bear in mind that people go on twitter at various times of the day, often different people at different times. Especially the global audience. Somebody in China is going ot be looking at something at a very different time on a 24 clock to someone in Idaho. Therefore sometimes it makes sense to copy tweets and schedule them a few weeks apart at different times, if they didn't see it before, you're giving them another chance to and making it more likely for your international audience to discover it.

This method is the easiest way to get more followers on twitter. There are lots of users who will automatically follow you, because they need followers too. They use some auto follower tool, to do it automatically, and it's the best for you, because you will be followed almost instantly. Those are my top 3 tips for Twitter – what are yours? Let us know in the comments! Google announced plans last year to use solar-powered balloons to deliver Internet access to remote regions of the world. Customers use it to be part of the #HaveABreak community, and Kit Kat uses it to engage and respond to customer mentions. Two-thirds said they backed laws permitting the use of deadly force to protect themselves in public. Tweeple - Just another word for Twitter members.

When combining two words to create a tweet, it's a good idea (but not necessary) to use initial caps of each word, e.g. #SocialMedia Answer attendee questions. Throughout the conference, use Twitter to answer audience questions, direct attendees to the appropriate resources and make sure everyone is getting the most out of the event. Tracking audience engagement Pinterest is truly an easy-to- use marketing tool for your event ; you should strategically plan out your steps before you take them. Ponder the sort of boards you want to create and the kind of content you want to pin for your event. climateaction – Use for tweets about taking responsibility for our emissions to try and slowdown the trend of global warming Utilize Hyper-Specific Twitter Resources

Increasingly more companies use Twitter for business – to do market research, do brand advocacy and reputation management and provide selected highlights from a conference or event. Twitter allows them to expand their brand and thus generate new opportunities. Download this free guide to learn how your business can convert conversations into actions, attract new followers, share information for potential customers and gain recognition. Receive Your Ten Innovative Ways to Use Twitter for Business Guide NOW!

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